Manab was found in the Himalayan regions of northern Nepal. When discovered, he had been living for a year on his own with his little brother, Mohit, scavenging daily for whatever food they could find. Manab was estimated to be 7 years old and his brother 3. Due to harsh conditions Manab at times could only feed his little brother worms and small insects. When discovered both boys showed severe signs of malnutrition and wasting. Mohit's undernourishment was such that his brain retardation was beyond repair. Manab, however, was able to keep his little brother alive after what people suspect was the suicide of their mother and only known care giver. 

Manab was taken in by a shelter in Kathmandu where he received some medical care and eventual reintegration into school. Manab is a sharp boy who loves school and last year managed to earn the highest test scores out of his entire school of 600 students. He has a sensitivity towards animals and dreams of some day becoming a pilot. 



Ruthie has been bound to a wheelchair since she was a young child. In January of 2017, Ruth was hit by a motorbike while wheeling herself to the Musana workshop. The accident bent her spine and caused seeping wounds. Through S4CF's support to Musana's medical program, she was admitted in a reputable hospital in the capital city, where they provided her with a back brace and medicine for the pain. Through scans from her visits, the doctor discovered that her bones were actually strong enough that she could build the capacity to stand and walk using crutches. This is something she never thought possible because she had never been seen by a specialist. Ruth continues to practice what the doctors have instructed, and she can now stand without support. 

"I'm so grateful for the Musana medical program because the medication from my procedure was very costly and I was taken to the best hospital to be treated. Through this process I discovered things that I thought were impossible in my life - I may be able to walk again." 



Nigo was born into a family who lived in the poorest slum community in Lugazi, Uganda. Due to an undiagnosed case of polio as a child, his right leg was left crippled. 

Nigo started his powerlifting career years ago by building his own weight sets out of old machine parts such as gears and tires. Despite living in a poor area, people around him became inspired by his dedication and he began training neighbors in his homemade "outdoor gym." This grew into the gym he now runs, a large rented space where you can see motivational posters plastering the wall and sayings such as, "If you don't have time for the gym, you will have time for the hospital." 

Nigo is now the paralympic powerlifting campion in Uganda. Yes, the strongest athlete with a physical disability in the country! However, he has never been to the Olympics, as athletes in Uganda generally have to find a sponsor or be self-funded to travel to competitions - so others less qualified have gone in his place. 

In August 2018, RAIN funded his travel to the Africa World  Powerlifting Championships in Algeria. This is a qualifying competition for the Olympics, and our bets are on Nigo! We look forward to helping him make his mark on the world.